Düsseldorfer Pallet

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Düssedorfer Palette

Length 600 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 144 mm
Tara ca.  10 kg
Loading capacity ca.  1000 kg

The Düsseldorfer Pallet was developed by industry and trade in cooperation with pallet producers and satisfy all alle requirements of ondustry, transport and trade. Having half EURO-Pallet dimensions of 600 x 800 Millimeters, it can be used for transport as well as presentation of goods.

In contrast to Gegensatz zu conventional pallets, the Düsseldorfer Pallets can be accessed by all standardized machines (e.g. forklifts, lifting cars) from all 4 sides. Combined with their stable built and firm stand they are perfectly suited for safe transport of goods; they are long lived, robust and save time in loading and unloading.